Regional CSA & Local Food Resource

Our Mission Is To:

Promote local food.

Support the success of local farmers and ranchers.

Connect consumers to the freshest local food resources.

We love real food. We love the folks who grow and raise our food. We love the folks who want to improve their lives, their health and the world we live in.

The Pig and the Plow shows our love of these things with this curated online farm and ranch directory. By taking the pain out of searching for local, direct purchase food options, grown with our community and environment in mind, we will assist local farmers and ranchers by connecting them to the community that will support them. That’s you… the consumer. We’ll also make it easier for you to purchase with your conscience. We believe buying direct from your farmer is one of the best ways there is to support them.

About Us

When our founder, Erica Glaze, moved to Colorado from the Northeast, she was at a loss as to how to locate the farm fresh food she was used to. Frustrated with the lack of quality information on the internet she decided to do something about it. After a lot of homework through writing the blog Farming Fort Collins, she uncovered an amazing wealth of local food sources. She realized she couldn’t keep all this wonderful information to herself. Folks had started coming to her as a primary resource for local food. As she began building relationships with the local farmers and ranchers, she realized they also needed a lot of support to be successful. Thus, the idea for The Pig and the Plow was created.

What makes us unique is that we curate the contents of our directory. We know farmers and ranchers are a busy lot, and many of them don’t have the time or energy to update countless online directories. Hence, that is why there are so many outdated listings and websites on the internet (frustrating, I know). We also realize that consumers don’t always have the time, or our obsessive nature, to hunt down local food sources. So we do the work for you. We build face to face relationships with our regional farmers and ranchers and work tirelessly to make sure we’ve captured all of them. We maintain their online listings and profile pages and take the time to make sure the information is current.

In the digital age, we are confident success comes with a human touch. That’s where the relationship building comes in. We know your farmers, and can’t wait to introduce you to them.

In addition to the directory we educate the public on how to buy local, how to cook with the seasons, how to create buying clubs and assist you with making the best choices for your needs.

So please, indulge in our obsession, and buy local and buy direct! We can help!

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